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Certification FAQ

Professional Development: ASEP / CSEP / ESEP


Q. How long do I have to complete the certification process with INCOSE UK?

A. You have one year from when your application is formally submitted to INCOSE UK. If you choose the 'Exam First' route you will have one year from when you receive your exam eligibility code.



Technical Bachelor's degrees include BEng, BSc (or international equivalents through mechanisms such as the Washington Accord or the Bologna Agreement) in the following or related engineering disciplines: aeronautics, astronautics, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, mechanical, nuclear, software, systems.

Other acceptable fields of study include: chemistry, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, physics.

If the Bachelor's degree does not come from the above fields, then a Masters or Doctorate degree (or international equivalent) in those fields is acceptable.

The acceptability of degrees outside this guideline is subject to the decision of the INCOSE Certification Program Office.

To expedite review in cases where they may be any doubt about the acceptability of a degree, applicants should submit with their application a copy of their transcript showing all courses taken to obtain the degree.

Other degrees, such as Information Technology and Systems Management may be accepted as "Technical" if they are shown to include the calculus and physics courses typically studied within engineering programs of study.



Q. Do each of the references that I select need to be able to confirm my experience for the full number of years that I need to qualify for certification?

A. No. Each individual reference does not have to verify your experience for the entire period of experience. However, your collective set of references does need to be able to verify your personal technical contribution for the entire number of years claimed by you on your application, including any additional years of experience required due to your educational status. Failure to do this may result in rejection of your application or significant delay at the review stage.


Q. When selecting references should I choose supervisors or co-workers?

A. If possible, select one or more current or former supervisors as their input is given greater credibility by the review committee than that from co-workers. References must provide their assessments in their own words.



Q. Where can I take the exam?

A. Your ASEP or CSEP examination can be taken at exam centres in London or Manchester . Contact Prometric for more information.


Q. How long do I have to take the exam?

A. When you have submitted your application and paid the fee you will be given an eligibility code. You have one year to sit the exam. However, because of the one year overall limitation on processing a certification application we suggest that candidates book and sit the exam as soon as possible. This allows time for participants to schedule and retake the examination if not successful first time.


Q. Are there any study guides available for the examination?

A. Currently there are no study guides for the certification exam. We recommend study of the current version of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. 


Q. How do I obtain a copy of the reference document to prepare for the exam?

A. To prepare for the exam it is necessary to study the current version of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook which is Version 4. To obtain a pdf copy of the handbook, please visit the INCOSE international online store. There is also a member only discount code available through the INCOSE international online store for members to purchase the handbook directly from the publishers.


Q. Are there any courses available to help me prepare for Certification via INCOSE UK?

A. We recommend study of the current version of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook which is the reference document for the certification examination. The INCOSE UK website also lists training courses in the Professional Development section of our website. It should be noted that INCOSE UK is not endorsing the companies that are listed, just enabling our members to have access to the information.


Q. Is it possible to take the examination online?

A. The certification exam is not available on-line. It must be taken at an approved Prometric test centre.


Q. What is the format of the certification examination?

A. The examination is currently computerised and compiled of multiple choice questions. A two hour time period is allowed for completing the exam.All correct answers must be selected from the possible answers given to receive credit for answering a question. A typical question may have five possible answers listed of which three are correct. Partial credit cannot be given for a question.


Q. Are candidates permitted to use an reference documents during the examination?

A. The certification examinations are closed book. The applicant is not allowed to bring any type of reference materials, writing tablets, notes etc into the exam venue. All devices that might compromise the security of the examination process are forbidden. This includes computers, mobile telephones and other electronic equipment. The test organisation will provide all materials and equipment necessary for the examination to be completed.


Q. When will I receive my exam result?

A. Prometric will tell you the result within minutes of completing the exam as the process is computerised. Notification of your Certification follows from INCOSE within 3 weeks.



Q. How long is my Certification valid for?

A. A Systems Engineering Professional Certification is valid for a period of three years for CSEP and five years for ASEP. The date of the renewal period starts on the same month and day of the week as the original certification. The ESEP is valid indefinitely, but INCOSE UK membership must be maintained.


Q. How do I renew my Certification?

A. You can renew your certification here.