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SE Handbook

An essential tool for all Systems Engineers, this publication was developed for the new systems engineer, the engineer in another discipline who needs to perform Systems Engineering or the experienced systems engineer who needs a convenient reference.

The handbook provides an updated description of the key process activities performed by systems engineers. The descriptions in this handbook show what each systems engineering process activity entails, in the context of designing for affordability and performance.

The book covers a wide range of systems concepts that broaden the mind of the Systems Engineering professional such as, systems thinking, systems science, life cycle management, speciality engineering, systems of systems and agile and iterative methods.

The certification examination required for ASEP and CSEP is based in its entirety on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. It is available to purchase directly from the publishers, Wiley.

A discount code is available for INCOSE UK members along with a free digital copy which can be accessed by contacting the

SE Handbook


Various organisations offer training and preparation for Certification. To see details of these click here.

Further guidance to support CSEP Applications can be found here.