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Becoming a CEng/IEng/EngTech

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For many years, professional registration as a Chartered Engineer (CEng), an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or an Engineering Technician (EngTech) has been regarded as a mark of proven competence in your engineering discipline.

"Professional Competence" integrates knowledge, understanding, skills and values. It goes beyond the ability to perform certain tasks. The process through which engineering professionals become competent generally involves a combination of formal education and further training and the acquisition of professional experience (known as professional development). These elements are not necessarily separate and they may not always be formally structured.

To gain Professional Registration as a systems engineer, you will need to provide evidence of your competence in Systems Engineering or in wider engineering both in your application form and during a face-to-face professional review interview.

To find out more about the registration criteria that are assessed during the application process, these are set out in the document - UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK Spec) by the Engineering Council.

INCOSE UK provides a route for members to become Professionally Registered. For more information on this please contact the