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Season Reports

Systems Engineering Assessed State of the Nation (SEASON) 2020 has now been published, providing a fresh baseline of the current situation with regard to the Systems Engineering profession in the UK. We have published this major report twice previously, and this version is fairly major update on many of the matters addressed, ranging from current trends in application, through advances in professionalisation and the state of education and research, and our own membership analysis.


These resources are provided as a courtesy to Society Members. The contents are the most up-to-date material available at the time of publishing.

Title Author File Type View
Season Report 2020  INCOSE UK Secretariat  PDF  Open 
The INCOSE UK SEASON REPORT 2009 Overview  Hillary Sillitto  PDF  Open 
SEASON Report 2014  Lead: Jon Holt  PDF  Open 
INCOSE UK's SEASON Report 2009 (Systems Engineering Annual State of the Nation)  Hillary Sillitto  PDF  Open