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Other Training Providers

It should be noted that the Society is not endorsing the companies that are listed, just enabling our members to have access to the information.

Loughborough University

Systems Engineering education at Loughborough has been established since 1992 and blends traditional engineering disciplines with systems thinking, tools and methodologies to achieve optimal integration of systems. Students benefit from the combined expertise of academia and industry and our graduates are now in senior positions in companies throughout the world. Our curriculum is based around INCOSE competencies and regularly revised and updated in collaboration with leading systems engineering organisations.

We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctorate awards, as well as Continuing Professional Development courses and a distance-learning introduction: Systems Engineering Essentials. By providing education at all levels and in all ways, we offer companies a way to build their own core strength in this key capability.

For more information visit the Loughborough University website
T: 01509 635229
E: systems@lboro.ac.uk

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Certification Training International

Established as a subsidiary of Project Performance International (PPI) in 2008, Certification Training International's (CTI) goal is to become the industry leader in providing SE certification training to the world’s systems engineering practitioners.

CTI’s INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Course takes delegates on an immersive journey through the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V5, equipping participants with information to sit the knowledge examination comfortably.

As a rigorous alternative to the INCOSE SEP certification program, CTI is also a proud approved training provider for the SE-ZERT® program (a vocational qualification offered by the German chapter of INCOSE (GfSE)).

CTI currently offers public and corporate training delivered live-online.

For more information, visit the CTI website or email us here.

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Project Performance International (PPI)

Unlock the full power of systems engineering for business benefit. Project Performance International (PPI) trains and consults. Our training has received accolades from many of the world's leading companies for its high value-adding, practical and original content.

We establish sound principles. We destroy myths and expose destructive practices. Learn effective methods for performing critical engineering activities - such as model-based requirements capture and validation, design, trade studies and specification. Contact PPI to view the positive feedback of thousands of professionals, from recent graduates to greybeards.

PPI's training is delivered live-online, on-site and publicly in many UK and European locations. PPI's subsidiary company Certification Training International (CTI) provides INCOSE SEP training to educate the world's engineering professionals.

You can visit our website www.ppi-int.com or call 020 3608 6754. Alternatively you can email us here

Engage with PPI to help your projects succeed... and your professionals grow.

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