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Certification Case Studies


INCOSE Associated Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP)

An exam-based assessment of Systems Engineering knowledge. ASEP provides an opportunity to formalise your learning and understanding of the INCOSE Systems Engineering handbook. It is often seen as an ideal first challenge when embarking on a career in Systems Engineering. Successful candidates can go forward and upgrade to CSEP once the required level of experience is achieved without resitting the exam.


INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP)

Assesses both core systems engineering knowledge and work-based experience. It comprises two assessable components. The Certification examination, a knowledge-based assessment along with a written submission of workplace evidence gained over a minimum of 60 months. The support of a minimum of three qualified references is also required. Submissions of experiential evidence are assessed by a team of reviewers.


INCOSE Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP)

25 or more years of experience gained explicitly in the field of Systems Engineering as well as a demonstrable record of Systems Engineering leadership This accreditation comprises a formal assessment of evidence contained in your written submission and those of your references, which if passed is followed by a formal competence-based telephone interview exploring your experience in more depth.