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Certification Case Study

Luke Edleston - An ASEP case study

Luke Edleston ASEP

Tell us a little about your day job and where you have come from

I am a systems engineer which means I have a very varied job.I can be eliciting requirements from potential customers, writing test plans, helping to develop systems architectures and much more. I obtainsed a Physics BSc from the University of Warwick just over three years ago and from there got an exciting career opportunity.At e2v I started my journey on a two year graduate scheme where I completed placements around the business in various areas such as Supply Chain,Defence and Industrial Processing Systems. I spent a large proportion of the time gaining valuable experience in Systems Engineering - writing a URD, SRD and Concept of Operations for a major development programme and much more.I think e2v knew I was going to be a systems engineer before I did. In my interview I said that I liked understanding the bigger picture and how things work together.They suggested the role of systems engineer. It was the first time I had heard the term but two years down the line it is my official title.

What exactly is it that you have been awarded?

I am now an Associate Systems Engineering Professional(ASEP) with INCOSE UK. It is an entry level knowledge based accreditation. Basically I understand the processes and concepts within the INCOSE SE handbook.

You are the the first in the UK, were you aware of being alone in your journey?

I did have a look at the list of ASEPs before I took my exam to see how many of us there are in the UK. There are five but it transpires that I am the first to pass the exam through INCOSE UK online certification. I'm guessing I will be the first of many as it will be quick and easy to apply

How much time did it take you and did your employer support you?

I started thinking about attaining the status of ASEP at the 2013 conference as Courtney Wright (INCOSE Certification Program Manager) did a presentation on what certification was and how you can attain it. I thought it would be a good idea to pursue this as it would demonstrate that I had a good understanding of Systems Engineering processes and what a Systems Engineer should really do. I steadily read the handbook over the following year and wrote questions for my colleague to answer, and he did the same for me (he is studying for CSEP). I redoubled my efforts from October to really focus on understanding and learning the handbook. e2v supported me through this process and I went on a course to embed my learning. After the course I spent a month revising all of the material before the exam.

What was the hardest part?

Fitting revision around my already busy life!

Do you think it was worthwhile?

Definitely! It was great to be recognised at ASEC this year and led to many conversations with others who are looking to pursue certification. It helped me understand aspects of Systems Engineering such as life-cycle models.

What's next for you?

I'm looking to achieve CSEP in a couple of years and then plan to tackle Professional Registration via INCOSE UK.

If you are interested in applying for Certification with INCOSE UK please contact Lynn Davis on 01460259934 or send her an email.