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Post Nominal Letters

INCOSE UK members may now use the post-nominal designation MINCOSE (pronounced "Em INCOSE") to denote their membership of INCOSE's UK Chapter.

This designation has been established for members who have achieved Professional Registration in the UK via the INCOSE UK. These individuals may now use the post-nominal as follows:

  • Chartered Engineer - CEng MINCOSE
  • Incorporated Engineer - IEng MINCOSE
  • Engineering Technician - EngTech MINCOSE

In line with guidance from The Engineering Council, MINCOSE may also be used in conjunction with INCOSE SE Certification designations (ASEP, CSEP, ESEP) between any academic qualifications and the professional registration information. For example, a Chartered Engineer who is also a certified SE Practitioner may use CSEP CEng MINCOSE.

Additionally, INCOSE UK members who are professionally registered with other licensed bodies may use the MINCOSE post-nominal letters to show their membership thus: CEng MIET MINCOSE or CEng MInstP MINCOSE.

INCOSE UK encourages all Professionally Registered and certified members to use the MINCOSE postnominal on business cards, emails, presentations and other relevant documents.