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The Registration Process

So how do I apply ?

1. Become a Member

It is necessary to be a member of INCOSE UK to access the process.

2. Go to the INCOSE UK Website

The application process and forms can be accessed via the INCOSE UK website via either the ‘My Profile’ or ‘Professional Development ‘area of the website.

3. Complete the application form and Statement of Competence

Document your competence and commitment. List your education, your work history and commit your references. Work through the statement of competences, listing your workplace evidence in line with the criteria laid out in the UK SPEC. Applications are typically more successful where the advice of a Professional Registration Advisor (PRA) has been taken.

4. Upload and pay

Return to the INCOSE UK website and upload your forms and supporting documents. Once this is complete, you will be forwarded to SAGEPAY to pay the application fee.

What happens after I apply?

1. Admin Checks

Initial checks are carried out to ensure we have received all necessary information from you. This includes check on your degree and whether it is accredited.

2. Assessment team

The application is forwarded to a team of assessors for review. More evidence of competence may be requested at this stage or interview recommended.

3. The Professional Registration Interview (PRI)- if applicable

Candidate is further assessed in a face to face interview either in person or by remote video conference.

4. Board Approval

The application is forwarded to the board for ratification and recommendation to the Engineering Council.

5. Approval by The Engineering Council

The Engineering Council consider the INCOSE UK recommendation for inclusion on the register.

6. Fee paid for inclusion on Register and Annual society fee

This second fee is paid following approval and covers the registrant for the first year of registration.

7. Candidate Becomes Registered

It is now possible to use the post nominal CEng IEng or EngTech.

8. Become Registered Member of INCOSE UK

Ongoing recording of CPD in line with requirements and Professional Engineering Institution membership fees are required to maintain registration.