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How much does it cost?

The INCOSE UK Professional Registration process is under review and therefore currently not operational. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information and details of the process or how to begin your draft application please contact profdev@incoseonline.org.uk.

Professional Registration Application Fees 2019

Application Fee Additional cost payable for submission of additional evidence Route to registration
£220.00 N/A Standard Route
£220.00 N/A Individual Route
£220.00 £180.00 Technical Report Route
£220.00 N/A Standard Route
£220.00 N/A Individual Route
£220.00 £130.00 Technical Report Route
Eng Tech
£100.00 N/A Standard Route
£100.00 N/A Individual Route
INCOSE UK optional additional professional registration certificate

One off Administration fee payable to Engineering Council on registration

(Note: This includes the annual subscription in the year of registration)

CEng IEng Eng Tech
£51.90 £43.80 £17.90

Engineering Council Annual Subscription

CEng IEng Eng Tech
£39.90 £33.80 £19.40

Annual Registered Membership Fee

CEng IEng Eng Tech
£194.00 £182.00 £155.00

Registered Member Transfer Fee

CEng IEng Eng Tech
£65.00 £65.00 £65.00
Note: Annual Registered member fee as detailed below is payable on acceptance by INCOSE UK
£74.00 £62.00 £35.00

The non-refundable application fee should be submitted when applying for registration.  Additional fees will be invoiced as appropriate.

INCOSE UK reserves the right to increase the above fees where extra administration may be involved with the assessment proccess. In such cases, the charges would be indicated to the candidate in advance.

Any individual who is interested in applying for Professional Registration with INCOSE UK should contact the Professional Development Co-ordinator Lynn Davis for more details by or by calling 01460 298 217.