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Certification Examination

The knowledge-based Systems Engineering Professional examination is the cornerstone of both the ASEP and CSEP Systems Engineering accreditations. It is accessible to systems engineers at all stages of their career and provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and organisation to benchmark Systems Engineering skills.

SE Handbook

The examination is based in its entirety on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. The descriptions in the 287-page handbook describe the key process activities performed by systems engineers and other engineering professionals throughout the life cycle of a system. The book covers a wide range of systems concepts that broaden the mind of the Systems Engineering professional such as, systems thinking, systems science, life cycle management, speciality engineering, systems of systems and agile and iterative methods.

INCOSE UK members are entitled to access a free pdf copy of the handbook and may use a member discount when purchasing a hard copy of the book from the publishers. For more details please contact the Certification team.

Although no formal INCOSE revision literature exists, exam preparation training course are available via training companies. Book groups are also commonplace and the exchange of information and revision techniques amongst colleagues are an excellent way to prepare to sit the exam.

How to Book an Exam

When you are ready to book an examination, you can start the process to apply for ASEP or CSEP.

Following submission and payment of the application fee for ASEP or CSEP via the INCOSE UK website, applicants will be forwarded a unique link to enable them to book the examination directly with Examity, our online exam provider. The certification examination carries an additional fee which is paid directly to the exam provider by the candidate. Details of this cost can be found here.

The Exam Format

The examination is a computerised closed book examination which is 2 hours long with 120 multiple choice questions during which we use live, remote, video proctoring. The exam can be conducted from a location of your choice, with your own computer and the candidate receives an and immediate pass/fail results displayed on screen.

Outcomes are then verified by INCOSE within 14 days. Candidates have a period of one year to sit and pass the exam in up to three attempts.

Paper Examinations

It is also possible for candidates to sit a paper version of the examination. These are run regularly throughout the year by INCOSE UK and details of these are shared via the website, emailers and the regular ePreview newsletter.

Examinations can be arranged on site by organisations who have a number of candidates in the certification process. These are organised and administered by the UK certification team. For more information and costs please contact the Certification team.