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Training Overview

Some of the most frequent enquires received by the INCOSE UK Secretariat are related to systems engineering training.

Over the coming months we expect this section of the website to grow, offering members useful information and access to experts.

Academic Courses for Systems Engineers

An increasing number of accredited educational academic courses are now available for individuals to develop in systems engineering. These include first degree courses, Masters courses and Engineering Doctorate programmes in Systems Engineering.

Over the coming months we will be adding a list of providers of academic courses.

Systems Engineering Seminars, Workshops and Tutorials

INCOSE UK runs many Seminars, Workshops and Tutorials, either as part of our annual conferences or as standalone one day or evening events. Many of these events are provided by Local Groups, providing increased accessibility to our members.

For more information on INCOSE UK Events visit the Events Section of this website.

Additional tutorials provided from our international conferences and symposia can be accessed from the main INCOSE website.