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Endorsed Training Provider Scheme

INCOSE UK’s individual and corporate members have been asking how we can provide confidence that their chosen training providers have met a certain level of excellence. Therefore, following extensive internal discussions and a successful pilot, INCOSE UK is delighted to announce the launch of our Endorsed Training Provider Scheme.

The scheme will allow organisations who provide professional Systems Engineering related training courses to apply and be assessed to attain the status of ‘INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider’. Successful applicants will be able to use the term ‘INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider’ and associated logo on its publicity and marketing material.

As part of the assessment, training providers will be required to submit evidence based on a series of categories:

  • Organisational Activity provides an overview of the applicant Training Provider’s activities to ensure that they are relevant to INCOSE UK’s scope – that they cover aspects of, or areas that are relevant to, Systems Engineering. This part of the scope is mandatory.
  • Organisational Capability provides an overview of the applicant Training Provider’s processes for course development, delivery, post-course activities and continuous improvement activities.
  • Course Content - Standard Courses provides an overview of standard courses and how they map to current best practice in Systems Engineering.
  • Course Content - Bespoke Courses provides an overview of how the training provider creates and tailors courses for individual clients that map to current best practice in Systems Engineering.
  • Trainer Competence provides details of the named trainers’ knowledge, experience, and professional qualifications.
  • Training Reviews provides details of how courses and trainers are reviewed, with feedback received from attendees.

It should be noted that it is the training provider that is endorsed, not the detailed content of the actual courses. The specified courses must, however, be demonstrated to map with best practice.

All assessments will be carried out by suitably-qualified and experienced Systems Engineering professionals according to the formal INCOSE UK Endorsed Training Provider Assessment Process.

Organisations who are endorsed will have the scope achieved declared on the INCOSE UK Website and must be made clear in any advertising by the Training Provider.

Re-assessment will be required every three years, or whenever the scope of their initial assessment changes, at a reduced fee.

The application fee is £1385 + VAT.

If you are interested in becoming an Endorsed Training Provider, or would like more details, please contact TechServ@incoseuk.org.