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Enterprise Systems Engineering

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The emerging discipline of Enterprise Systems Engineering aims to integrate and study in a holistic manner a range of associated topics which together cover how organisations apply systems engineering and allied disciplines to the challenges of developing complex, interdependent products, as well as to designing and transforming the organisations (enterprises) themselves.

The Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) Interest Group exists to allow interested members of INCOSE to explore the subject from a variety of perspectives and influence wider developments in the field.

Activities will include:

  • Discussion meetings, typically led by invited speakers, to enhance members’ knowledge of latest thinking in the field – academic and practical. It is envisaged that around 4 such meetings would be held each year, held initially at Defence Academy, Shrivenham – with other venues possible later on to suit attendees and speakers
  • Continuing liaison with the SEBoK team to influence the further development of the published body of knowledge, especially the chapter devoted to ESE.
  • Liaison as required with other professional groups and conference providers in the field.
  • Publication of activities and key products of wider interest (for example bibliographies)
  • Maintaining active on-line discussion on related topics through a dedicated ESE Wiki.
  • Other activities may be added according to the wishes of members.

Further background on the scope of the subject and the Interest Group can be found under Background.