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Endorsed Training Schedule

Endorsed Training - Course Information

"Systems Engineering & Requirements Writing"

Duration :  3 days

Trainers :

Course Description

SyntheSys Technologies is pleased to be delivering 3 days of training which combines the best of our Systems Engineering Foundation course and Requirements Writing Training.

The Systems Engineering Foundation element of the training provides a high-level foundation to the principles and practices of systems engineering. The course content is aligned with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook and provides an introduction and overview of the processes required for successful systems engineering delivery on projects. Presented by a fully accredited, CSEP instructor, the course examines the role and benefits of applying systems engineering principles within your organisation. We teach students how to define systems engineering, understand the approach and scope, and identify key systems engineering models.

What students will learn:

  • A definition of systems engineering in accordance with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook;
  • An understanding of the systems engineering approach and scope;
  • Key systems engineering models and details of each;
  • How systems engineering methodology improves engineering programmes and how to apply these methods;
  • The role of organisational stakeholders throughout the systems engineering life cycle, and the vital role each plays;
  • The cost element of systems engineering.

The latter stages of the course will shine a spotlight on Requirements Writing. The creation of accurate requirements, traceable across the systems engineering life cycle, is critical for successful projects, with associated verification and validation grounded against high quality requirements. The course covers the following topics and is delivered as scheduled public training, on site for a client requirements team.

This course aims to provide students with the techniques necessary for the creation of clear, concise and correct requirements, independent of specific requirements management tools. Best practice is drawn from the INCOSE handbook and the INCOSE guide for writing requirements.

What students will learn:

  • Principles of requirements writing;
  • Levels of requirement; problem and solution domains; needs versus requirements;
  • INCOSE Handbook / ISO 15288;
  • Requirements processes;
  • Requirements structure;
  • Requirements syntax; statement rules / vocabulary;
  • Requirements review process;
  • Baselining;
  • Change control;
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance requirements quality pre-review.

Further Information

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