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Endorsed Training Schedule

Endorsed Training - Course Information

"Systems Engineering Fundamentals"

Duration :  3 days

Trainers :

Course Description


This 3-day course focuses on the concepts, principles and practices of Systems Engineering to give attendees both understanding and specific knowledge to apply Systems Engineering to the design of complex systems.

This course is derived from our most popular offering; the 5-day Systems Engineering course. The 5-day course, tailored to suit each client-company has been delivered to many of the world’s leading engineering companies. Variants of the course have also been designed for non-engineering organisations, whose interest is in business and service systems.

Three-quarters of the 3-day course will be devoted to processes and tools that will allow attendees to:

  • Gather and specify Stakeholder Requirements
  • Analyse the “problem” described by the Stakeholder Requirements to determine the System Requirements
  • Design the system to meet requirements through the exploration of technological and architectural choices. Undertake detailed design to specify the robust optimum
  • Confirm the engineering activity and solution through verification and validation

Underpinning the “how to do” Systems Engineering content are two sessions that explain the rationale for Systems Engineering together with an examination of the Systems Thinking concepts that are the foundation of and the core competence of Systems Engineering. These sessions provide the necessary knowledge to understand the structure and logic of Systems Engineering.

With the Kolb learning cycle as the learning philosophy, a significant proportion of the course is set aside for exercises to reinforce the learning. A realistic case study is used to provide a practical focus for the course and enables the attendees to practise the tools and processes presented.

Course Details
1. Course Purpose and Outcomes

2. Who is the course for?

The 3-day course is aimed at:

  • Individuals who are new to Systems Engineering and want an overview combined with practical and applicable knowledge and skills
  • Experienced individuals who have had limited formal Systems Engineering training and/or want to be exposed to new tools and processes
  • Anybody interested in exploring different perceptions and practice of Systems Engineering
3. Course Content

The content of the 3-day Systems Engineering Fundamentals Course is given below:

4. Course Tutors

The three-day course will be delivered by three of BHW’s most experienced Tutors.

Further Information

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