Fixes, Errors & Updates


Fixes Made

  • Council & UKAB areas implemented.
  • Main menu text updated.
  • ECF moved into Groups.
  • Group code updated & centralised.
  • Post nominal letters moved to Professional Development.
  • Professional Development heading changes.
  • Training Providers moved to Technical Services.
  • Fellows page removed.
  • Associated Organisations page removed.
  • Preview, ePreview, I am a volunteer and I am a systems engineer moved to new 'Publications' heading in Member Resources.
  • Training Overview page removed.
  • Professional Development FAQ removed.
  • UKAB pages test changes & redesign.
  • International Working Groups pages retired.

Known Issues/What we're working on

  • Technical Products and Services.
  • Group Areas.
  • Event listings and Documents.
  • Overall content review.
06/09/2019 - Initial BETA upload