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How to join the UKAB

The UKAB provides a forum for UK Systems Engineering organisations (within industry, government and academia) to influence Systems Engineering in the UK, and to collaboratively improve and exploit Systems Engineering best practice via the activities of INCOSE UK.

Any UK Companies and institutions that practice and champion Systems Engineering in government and commercial business sectors, as well as Education and Training providers, will be considered for membership of the UKAB.

All organizations joining the UKAB sign a Memorandum of Understanding, an example of which you can download below.

Membership of INCOSE UKAB currently costs £3345 per annum + VAT and runs from 1st June to 31st May each year. It includes one individual INCOSE membership which should be allocated to the UKAB Member point of contact.

Below is a list of the documentation relating to UKAB Membership.

Document TitleDocument TypeView
INCOSE UKAB Memorandum Of Understanding PDF View
UK_Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilities PDF View
Terms of Reference for INCOSE UKAB PDF View

If you have any questions and/or would like to apply for UKAB membership please contact the