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INCOSE UK has produced a series of accessible guides to aspects of systems engineering, each in the form of a one page, double sided, guide designed to be folded up into three panels giving a "Z" cross section, to be known as "Z-Guides". The aim is to provide focussed, accessible, information which can be presented to individuals who are not directly involved in systems engineering on a day to day basis.


These resources are provided as a courtesy to Society Members. The contents are the most up-to-date material available at the time of publishing.

Title Author File Type View
Z1: What is Systems Engineering?  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z2: Enabling Systems Engineering  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z3: How Systems Engineering Can Save your Business Money  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z4: SSM - Soft Systems Methodology   INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z5: Lean Systems Engineering   INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z7: What is Systems Thinking?  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z8: System Architecture  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z11: Project Management and Systems Engineering  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z12: Human Factors for System Engineers  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z13: Systems Engineering and Project Management – Top Ten Tips  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z14: An Introduction to systems approaches for SMEs  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z9: What is Model-Based Systems Engineering  INCOSE UK  PDF  Open 
Z0: Systems Engineering  Lead author: Professor Jon Holt  PDF  Open 

Z10 has now been superceded by U3, which you can access here.