Training Providers

Although INCOSE UK does not endorse any particular training courses, our members frequently request information on System Engineering training courses and providers. To support this need we have created this training providers page.

Organisations may have an entry on the page for an annual fee of £600 (inc. VAT). Entries should not be more than 100 words in length and logos must not exceed 200 by 100 pixels in size. It is assumed that all entries will include a link to the training providers website.

All UKAB members are entitled to space on this page as part of their membership.

The companies are listed in Alphabetical order, with all UKAB members being listed before non-UKAB members.

BMT Hi-Q Sigma Training A picture of the BMT Hi-Q Sigma Training Logo
BMT Hi-Q Sigma offers public and bespoke training courses and mentoring for both Enterprise Architecture and Project Management. All our training and mentoring is delivered by our most experienced specialists who are practitioners with current and relevant experience, and are also accomplished, practised trainers.

We obtain and share training feedback with you and we utilise the information to continuously improve what and how we deliver.

We help you identify and establish training requirements and benefits that support your goals and objectives, establish the right skill sets and add real value to your business.

For more information visit our website or contact the Training Team on 01225 820980 or by email


Burge Hughes Walsh A picture of the Burge Hughes Walsh Training Logo
Burge Hughes Walsh is one of the very few providers of practical Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Management training and consultancy. Our emphasis is less on what Systems Engineering is, but more on how to do it in the real world. Our learning philosophy is based on practical exercises to reinforce the how to do it. It is this pragmatic approach that has made BHW a preferred provider in the aerospace/defence industry.

For more Information on our training courses and other services, please visit our website or contact Dr Stuart Burge on 07803 131614 or


Loughborough University A picture of the Loughborough University logo

Systems engineering education at Loughborough has been established since 1992 and blends traditional engineering disciplines with systems thinking, tools and methodologies to achieve optimal integration of systems. Students benefit from the combined expertise of academia and industry and our graduates are now in senior positions in companies throughout the world. Our curriculum is based around INCOSE competencies and regularly revised and updated in collaboration with leading systems engineering organisations.

We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctorate awards, as well as Continuing Professional Development courses and a distance-learning introduction: Systems Engineering Essentials. By providing education at all levels and in all ways, we offer companies a way to build their own core strength in this key capability.

For more information visit the Loughborough University website
T: 01509 635229



University College London (UCL) - Centre for Systems Engineering A picture of the UCL logo
We believe that Systems Engineering training is most effective when it is part of an integrated approach to an organisations capability uplift and recognizing their career progression structure. Training is provided within the context of a company's aspirations and plans. Tutors are extremely responsive to the experiences of delegates and discussions and syndicate exercises form an important part of the courses.

For more information visit our website or contact Raúl Leal on 020 7679 4508 or by email


Certification Training International A picture of the Certification Training International Logo

Certification Training International (CTI) offers a CSEP (Certified Systems Engineering Professional) Exam Preparation 5-Day Course focused on passing the CSEP examination conducted by INCOSE.

CTI's course delivered over five days, is designed to provide you and your colleagues with the INCOSE SE Handbook knowledge you need, tell you how the exam is structured and show you how to best prepare for the examination. This four day learning experience has been designed with a strong focus on adult learning techniques, interaction, variety, the social aspects of learning and building upon your existing knowledge.

For more information visit our website.


Charterhouse Systems Ltd A picture of the Charterhouse Systems Ltd logo

Charterhouse Systems provides independent advice across all areas of systems engineering.

The consultancy is led by Ian Presland, an INCOSE-certified Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP), member of the INCOSE Certification Advisory Group and current INCOSE UK Professional Development Director.

We offer a number of distinct “Development Pathways” designed to help systems engineers develop; from role-specific training to SE Certification boot camps.

We are specialists in technical competence assessment which we recommend as a measurable starting-point so that development interventions can be better targeted and Return on Investment measured.

To find out more visit or call +44 (0)7970 966726


Project Performance International (PPI) A picture of the PPI Logo

Project Performance International (PPI) is the world’s largest provider of systems engineering training, over 13,600 professionals in 39 countries having benefited across almost every imaginable sector.

PPI empowers professionals worldwide and improves the performance of their companies. We do this through insightful, experience-based training delivered by world experts using advanced learning techniques.

As testament to PPI’s impact, globally we have hundreds of clients, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, including Aerosystems International Limited, Airbus UK Ltd, Alstom Transport Information Solution Ltd, Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), Babcock Int. Group and MASS, BAE Systems, Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd, Chevron Technical Services Ltd, Cobham Mission Equipment, Dyson Technology Limited, EADS Defence and Security Systems Ltd, EADS UK, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Jaguar Land Rover, Martin-Baker Aircraft Co Ltd., Mercedes AMG F1 Team, MOD UK, National Air Traffic Services (NATS), Nokia Networks UK, QinetiQ, RAL - Space Science and Technology Department, Siemens - Manchester, Siemens Ltd, South African Air Force, Square Kilometre Array Program Development Office, Tata Motors, Thales Aerospace, Thales Security Systems UK Limited, UK Department for Transport, Ultra Electronics (Command and Control Systems), amongst many others. 

PPI plays a leadership role within the systems engineering community. For example, PPI is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Corporate Advisory Board, working for over a decade alongside other leading companies in improving the practice of systems engineering. We also contribute via standards development. 

PPI’s training is delivered regularly, both publicly and on-site, within the United Kingdom/mainland Europe, and on five other continents.

For more information please visit: our website.


Systems Engineering Training for Project Success


SyntheSys Systems Engineers A picture of the SyntheSys Logo
SyntheSys has over twenty five years systems engineering experience in the UK and overseas marketplaces, and is able to provide training services to government and industrial clients.
Currently 3 courses are available. These are:
  • An Introduction to Systems Engineering, which provides a fundamental understanding of Systems Engineering concepts.
  • Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF), which provides students with foundation-level knowledge of what MoDAF is and is not, why it was developed, associated language and terminology, its potential advantages and disadvantages, and examples of its application
  • INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Practitioner (CSEP) Preparation. This course is designed to prepare the student for the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) CSEP examination
For further information on these courses, please visit or call on +44 (0)1947 821464 - we look forward to helping you continue to engineer successful systems!

It should be noted that the Society is not endorsing the companies that are listed, just enabling our members to have access to the information.