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Outreach Overview


The purpose of Outreach activity for INCOSE UK is to spread the recognition and influence of the profession within the UK, and thereby increase the value provided by the profession to the national economy.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase the extent of adoption of Systems Engineering by UK Government financed programmes in order to provide better Value for Money to UK from capital expenditure on development.
  2. Increase the extent of adoption of Systems Engineering by complex industrial sectors in order to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in the conduct of development.

These objectives align directly with INCOSE UK Strategic Goal 2: Government, Academic and Industrial organizations in the UK increasingly apply and recognize Systems Engineering.

They also support INCOSE UK Strategic Goal 1: INCOSE UK is a recognized authority for Systems Engineering in the UK, maintaining status as a sustainable and professionally managed Learned Society.

The Outreach Challenge

Systems Engineering and the Value Proposition for its effective use are not widely known and understood across UK Government either at the political level or within the departments and those advising them. Consequently, it is under used in many areas of government procurement, resulting in suboptimal performance of development programmes, typically leading to over spend and delay – sometimes even failure to deliver. Yet the need for its widespread adoption has never been more pressing due to the increasing complexity of technical challenges in many areas of advanced economies and the competitiveness of the global economic climate.

Promoting the appropriate use of Systems Engineering is an activity that has potential for significant benefit at a national level both in gaining better value from public expenditure and in assisting a variety of industrial sectors to be more competitive in their internal and export markets. Communicating the value proposition of Systems Engineering is challenging, and providing effort from those with the knowledge and skills who can effectively do so across a variety of audiences can only be viably pursued with the backing of a collaboration of relevant professional organizations and well organized volunteer effort.

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