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Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

INCOSE UK shares the INCOSE Values, which include ‘Respect, Diversity and Collaboration’, which are fulfilled by ‘Building and maintaining respectful relationships internally and externally in order to enable effective collaboration across the diverse community. To read our policy statement on Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity please click here.

We recently ran INCOSE UK’s first Diversity related event. Whilst this was originally planned in line with International Women’s Day in March, it was postponed due to COVID19 and was held as a virtual event on 18th September 2020 under the title ‘Each for Equal in Systems Engineering’.

Recordings of the main presentations are available below. The event also featured an introduction from the President, a panel discussion, a networking session, and closing remarks from the Outreach Director. We are pleased to say it was well attended and received very positive feedback – thanks to our brilliant speakers, panel and facilitator!

It is expected that a wider Diversity programme will be initiated by INCOSE UK before the end of the year, so watch out for more events, announcements and activity to follow.

The videos below can be either streamed or downloaded and are best viewed in full screen mode.

The value of women's support networks

Running time: 29 mins

Size: 67Mb

Thinking skills for effective leadership

Running time: 35 mins

Size: 338Mb