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Membership Details

At present we have 1000+ individual members, having started with 50 at our inaugural event at Shrivenham in September 1994. Members come from diverse backgrounds covering purchasers, system developers and academics. Industries represented include aerospace, automotive, defence, transportation, construction and telecommunications. A goal for the UK Chapter is to achieve a steady and sustained increase in the number of members, and to further broaden the base of that membership to include new industries.

If you undertake tasks which are characterised by the interaction of multiple factors across multiple domains, often exhibiting less obvious behaviour, you're either doing or need to be doing some Systems Engineering, and INCOSE exists to help you.

What are the benefits?

  • A UK and world-wide forum for Systems Engineering
    • Regular newsletters from INCOSE and the UK Chapter
    • UK Interest groups
    • INCOSE Interest Groups and Working Groups
    • A chance to influence the way Systems Engineering develops
    • A chance to learn from other Systems Engineers
    • A chance to compare your Systems Engineering with other members
  • Reduced rates for US and UK symposia
  • Access to the Electronic INCOSE Journal

What would I be joining?

By joining the UK Chapter you also obtain full membership of INCOSE itself.

What does it cost?

All prices shown below are per annum, unless stated otherwise.

Current Fees for 2024

Standard Membership

Type Price
1 Year £175.00
3 Years £473.00
5 Years £738.00

Professionally Registered

Individual members who have become professionally registered (CEng, IEng or EngTech) with INCOSE UK or have transferred their professional registration to INCOSE UK, pay the annual registered membership appropriate to level of registration. The Engineering Council Annual Registration fee will be added to this if being paid directly to INCOSE UK.

Type Price
CEng £263.00
IEng £263.00
EngTech £235.00

Senior Membership

Individual members may qualify for a Senior category if they are at least 64 years of age at the time of their membership renewal and have maintained their individual membership for the five membership years prior to applying for the Senior category. If you believe you may qualify for this rate please contact the

Type Price
1 Year £104.00
3 Years £239.00
5 Years £400.00

Student Membership

To qualify for a Student Membership, the member must be enrolled in full time education in an engineering field for at least eight months of the academic year and interested in the development and application of system engineering. The member must supply the INCOSE UK Secretariat with a valid certificate or letter stating the name of course along with course start and end date. This must be presented on headed paper and signed by the educational establishment. The application cannot be processed until this document has been uploaded.

Type Price
1 Year £45.00

Membership subscriptions are allowed for tax relief. The UK Chapter has been approved by HM Revenue & Customs under Section 201 Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988, with effect from 6 April 2002.

If you would like to join, please complete the online Membership Application Form.