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Organisational Structure

In accordance with the INCOSE UK Memorandum & Articles of Association, the organisation is managed by a Council that is elected by the membership (see figure below).

This Council, which is often referred to as the INCOSE UK Council, consists of:
President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Finance Director, Technical Director, Communications Director, Professional Development Director, Outreach Director, Early Careers Forum Chair and Company Secretary.

1-19 UKAB members = Chair
20-29 UKAB members = Chair plus one other
30 to 39 UKAB members = Chair plus two others
40+ UKAB members = Chair plus three others

The UKAB Chair and the additional UKAB representatives are changed annually.

The Council is supported by representation from the INCOSE UK Secretariat and by invited team members, who come along to support particular issues, for example: Working/Local/Interest Group Chairs.

INCOSE UK Council Organisational Structure

A subset of the INCOSE UK Council are also directors of INCOSE UK. These directors are:
President, President Elect, Immediate Past President and Finance Director.

It is these posts, supported by the Company Secretary that constitute the Board of INCOSE UK and are responsible for the legal aspects of the Company.

The INCOSE UK Council Terms of Reference INCOSE UK Council Terms of Reference document.

The INCOSE UK Election process is detailed the INCOSE UK Election process policy document.