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Organisational Positions

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Main Council

President Ian Gibson Login to view View
President Elect Malcolm Thomas Login to view View
Immediate Past President Kirsty Akroyd-Wallis Login to view View
Finance Director Mr Philip Savvides Login to view View
Technical Director Jon Holt Login to view View
Professional Development Director Steven Turner Login to view View
Outreach Director Chris Lamb Login to view View
Early Careers Forum Chair Amelia Jephson Login to view TBC
UK Advisory Board Chair Tim Ferris Login to view View
UK Advisory Board Deputy Chair Matthew David Login to view TBC
Company Secretary Emma Jane Taylor Login to view View
Head of Secretariat Emma Jane Taylor Login to view View

Communications Team

PositionCommunications Team Members
Head of Secretariat Emma Jane Taylor
Secretariat Manager Lynn Davis
Publications & Communications Richard Tingley, Molly Stone & Jacob Pye
IT Nick Cable, Mike Forscutt

Technical Team

PositionTechnical Team Members
Technical Director Jon Holt

Events Team

PositionEvents Team Members
Assistant Director Vacant
Technical Director Jon Holt
Finance Director Philip Savvides
Head of Secretariat Emma Jane Taylor
Secretariat Manager Lynn Davis

Outreach Team

PositionOutreach Team Members
Outreach Director Chris Lamb
Theme Lead: Systems Engineering Research Rupert England (Cranfield)
Theme Lead: Linking Academia and Industry Jim Henderson (Selex)
Theme Lead: Student Members Neil Carhart (Bristol University)
Theme Lead: Schools Giles Dalton

UKAB Chair

  • Communicating advice to the INCOSE UK Chapter President and Council
    • In response to UKAB member concerns
    • In response to specific UK Council asked questions / concerns
  • Co-ordinating UKAB input to all INCOSE UK Council Director Teams
  • Contribution to INCOSE UK Council Working Groups & Co-ordinating UKAB Working Group activity with the Technical Director
  • INCOSE UK Council Meeting Attendance
  • Co-Chair Annual Joint INCOSE UK Council and UKAB Meeting

Company Secretary

  • INCOSE UK Legal Oversight
    • Annual reports to Companies House
  • INCOSE UK Operational Governance
    • Policy Development
    • Policy Maintenance
  • Support to liaison with other Professional Societies
  • Support to liaison with INCOSE structures
  • INCOSE UK Council Meeting Attendance
  • Attendance at Joint INCOSE UK Council and UKAB meetings

Head of Secretariat

  • Direct support to INCOSE UK Council, Directors and Teams
    • Finance Director
      • INCOSE UK Member renewals
    • Company Secretary
    • Events
      • Event Location and Management
    • Technical Director
    • Communications Director
      • INCOSE UK Database Management
    • Organisational Development
    • INCOSE UK Working Groups
    • INCOSE UK Operations
      • INCOSE UK Council Meeting Attendance
      • INCOSE UKAB Meeting Attendance
      • Liaison Meetings
      • Local Group Support