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Annual Elections

In the past, the cycle of positions for election has become blurred, with the exception of the President, President Elect and Immediate Past President. To maintain continuity on the Council there is an automatic succession from President Elect to President to Immediate Past President each being a two year term. This means that a new President Elect is elected every two years. The other board roles are three year terms with two roles up for election each year. A retiring member of the Council can be eligible for re-election.

So to clarify the election cycle:

Role Year of Next Election Term of Office
President 2022 (year of takeover) 2 Years
President Elect 2022 2 Years
Immediate Past President 2022 (year of takeover) 2 Years
Professional Development Director 2023 3 Years
Outreach Director 2021 3 Years
Finance Director 2022 3 Years
Technical Director 2022 3 Years
Assistant Director of Events 2023 (appointed) 3 Years

Elections for the INCOSE UK Council are held using an online voting system. The results of elections are announced at the Annual General Meeting.

No ballot is required if an election is uncontested because there is only one candidate standing for a position.

There is an expectation that there will be a handover period between the outgoing post holder and the newly elected member of the Council that will be agreed between the two individuals concerned. The duration of this handover will depend upon the Council role, however it is envisaged that it will typically be 3 months and will include both persons attending the next Council meeting.

At any point during an office's term, the post holder may tender their resignation in writing to the President. On receipt of a letter of resignation, the Council may decide to appoint an interim post holder for that vacancy until the annual election process is completed. The next election process after the resignation will include nominations for the vacancy along with the positions up for re-election as part of the cycle which is detailed in INCOSE UK Election process policy document.