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About Us

The aim of the INCOSE UK Chapter is to foster the definition, recognition, understanding and practice of world class Systems Engineering in Industry, Academia and Government.


  • To provide a focus for debating all issues of relevance to Systems Engineering and exchange of knowledge
  • To promote improvements in Systems Engineering education and research and to establish standards
  • To improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the practice of Systems Engineering
  • To encourage Government, Academic and Industrial support for research and educational programmes that will improve the Systems Engineering process and its practices.


  • Practical solutions for practising systems engineers
  • A Systems approach to Systems Engineering
  • As broad a membership as possible - we can all learn from each other.


At present we have over 1000 individual members, having started with 50 at our inaugural event at Shrivenham in September 1994. Members come from diverse backgrounds covering purchasers, system developers and academics. Industries represented include aerospace, automotive, defence, transportation, construction and telecommunications. A goal for the UK Chapter is to achieve a steady and sustained increase in the number of members, and to further broaden the base of that membership to include new industries.

If you undertake tasks which are characterised by the interaction of multiple factors across multiple domains, often exhibiting less obvious behaviour, you're either doing or need to be doing some Systems Engineering, and INCOSE exists to help you.


INCOSE UK organises events at European, National and local levels as part of delivering against our objectives. We run an annual SE Conference each year, usually in November. In 1999 INCOSE UK hosted the International Symposium in Brighton, and in September 2006 the EuSEC 2006 conference in Edinburgh.


The UK Chapter is operated by INCOSE UK, a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The company is run by the UK Council on behalf of the membership. The Chapter is also supported by the 30+ organizations which form the UK Advisory Board (UKAB). The UKAB members bring a corporate view of Systems Engineering to INCOSE UK and promote INCOSE within their organizations as well as initiating working groups on matters of interest such as SE Competencies and Systems Architectures.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Policy Statement by INCOSE UK Council

INCOSE UK shares the INCOSE Values, which include ‘Respect, Diversity and Collaboration’, which are fulfilled by ‘Building and maintaining respectful relationships internally and externally in order to enable effective collaboration across the diverse community.

INCOSE UK is committed to treating everyone equally and with dignity, integrity and respect. We expect all INCOSE UK members to behave in accordance with our Code of Conduct. We want all members, delegates at events, training and exams, and those involved with other INCOSE UK activities to feel welcome & valued, and to benefit from equal opportunity through their association with INCOSE UK. We also wish to boost the diversity and inclusiveness of the Systems Engineering community in the UK and will be proactive in our approach to achieving that goal.

Council members are committed to leading by positive example.

The themes of our Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity policy are:

  • Support to individual members
  • Collective benefit to our members as a diverse group
  • Societal Benefit through enhancing EDI in Systems Engineering in the UK