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About IfSE

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The Institute for Systems Engineers was incorporated on 13th December 2023 with Company Number 15347834.

What happens next

1. Upon successful notification of approval from Companies House, the Council will do the following:

a. Implement the necessary steps to enable IfSE to operate under the mandate set out in the Articles of Association and Rulebook.

b. Request that the Engineering Council now formally transfers the Professional Engineering Institution licence from INCOSE UK to IfSE.

c. Transfer all existing INCOSE UK members to become members of the new institute (IfSE), Student and Registered Members at their current classes of membership and Members and Senior Members as Professional Members, retaining their existing membership anniversaries and other personal data.

d. Take all necessary steps to update all existing agreements and arrangements with external bodies.

e. Retain INCOSE UK as a subsidiary company to IfSE, run by the IfSE Council, in order to maintain the ability to process financial transactions and the transfer of the assets and liabilities during the transition.

Futher Information

For further information, please click on the documents below.

For futher enquiries, please email: ifse@incoseuk.org