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23/01/2024 -

12pm GMT
UK Chapter

via Zoom
Meet the Author - Jessica Korzeniowska
Come along and hear more about Jessica and her tales of the Good Witch and Systems Engineering challenges. Join Jon Holt, INCOSE UK Technical Director and Giulio Telleschi, AISE - INCOSE Italy Director of Communications as they chat with Jessica about Adventures in Systems Engineering. Jessica Korzeniowska launched Adventures in Systems Engineering during ASEC 2023 and now is your chance to meet her! It consists of a training manual and a work book to help train and teach Systems Engineering in an accessible, memorable and fun way. Jessica's believes that it is vital to keep early career STEM professionals engaged and interested in developing their skills and interest in Systems Engineering. Therefore, using her knowledge as a Principal Systems Engineer and her love of writing, Jessica wrote a training manual and work book in the form of an interactive fantasy themed training course. By incorporating fictional characters alongside Systems Engineering activities it encourages a level of participation which, by the end of the training, enables those who completed the course to apply their new found knowledge to real life Systems Engineering problems. It is intentionally written in a way that it is accessible to anyone working on complex projects who needs an appreciation of Systems Engineering, not just engineers.
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