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15/03/2022 -

14:00 (GMT)
UK Chapter

Paper Writing Master Class with Prof. Jon Holt
This short, on-line presentation and discussion is intended to provide an overview of the whole paper-writing experience for people who may be considering submitting a paper for consideration at this year’s ASEC. Delivered by Prof. Jon Holt, Technical Director of INCOSE UK. The session has several aims: - To provide guidance on what makes a good paper, how it should be structured and how it should be written. - To provide an overview of the review process that all papers will undergo. By understanding the underlying review process, this will provide potential authors with a better insight into what makes a good paper. - To meet the Technical Director of INCOSE UK and some established, existing authors to talk about their experiences. - To ask any questions that potential authors may have. The session is aimed primarily at new authors, but will be of value to anyone who is thinking of submitting a paper, and even any existing authors who would like to share their own experiences.
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