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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
18/11/2014 -

Full Days
UK Chapter

Royal Air Force Museum Cosford
Annual Systems Engineering Conference 2014 (ASEC2014)
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Call for Presentations  INCOSE UK  Flyer  28/02/2014  PDF  Open 
Systems Research Academic Showcase  INCOSE UK  Flyer  14/03/2014  PDF  Open 
ASEC2014 Promotional Opportunities  Emma Jane Taylor  Event  14/04/2014  PDF  Open 
ASEC Flyer  INCOSE UK  Flyer  23/06/2014  PDF  Open 
Annual Systems Engineering Conference 2014  Emma Jane Taylor  Event  01/09/2014  PDF  Open 
Developing New Business Models for Infrastructure: An MBSE Methodology  Chris Bouch, University of Birmingham  Poster  11/11/2014  PDF  Open 
A Systems Engineering Approach To The Challenges Of Sport Business  Alessandro Migliaccio and Giovanni Iannone,  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Game Theoretic Approaches for Security Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks  Konstantinos Maraslis  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
The Distribution of Systems Engineering Project Performance  Tristan Butterfield  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Timing Constraints in EAST-ADL and MARTE  Damjan Temelkovski and Ljerka Beus-Dukic  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Understanding the Operation of an SE Development System  Dawn Gilbert  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
COMPASS: Advanced methods and tools for model-based systems-of-systems engineering  Zoe Andrews and John Fitzgerald  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Cyber-Physical Systems Lab: a new research centre in CPS engineering  Carl Gamble,Maciej Koutny, Alex Yakovlev, John Fitzgerald,Ken Pierce, Andrey Mokhov  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Maintaining Systems-of-Systems Fit-for-Purpose  Steve Hinsley, Prof. Michael Henshaw, Prof. Carys Siemieniuch  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Improvement of System Design Process for Whole Life Cost Reduction  Piotr Sydor1, Phil John1, Essam Shehab1, Tim Mackley1, Andy Harrison2  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Agile Systems Engineering  Agile Systems Working Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Enterprise Systems Engineering  Enterprise Systems Engineering Interest Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Systems Engineering and Project Management  Systems Engineering and Project Management (SEPM) Joint Working Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Model-Based Systems Engineering  Model-Based Systems Engineering Working Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Service Systems Engineering  Service Systems Engineering Working Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
UK Architecture Practice  Architecture Working Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
ASEC 2014 -Rail Interest Group Poster  INCOSE UK Rail Interest Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Systems Engineering and Project Management (SEPM) Joint Working Group Outputs  Systems Engineering and Project Management (SEPM) Joint Working Group  Poster  13/11/2014  PDF  Open 
Keynote: Respice, Adspice, Prospice  Derek Hitchins  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
Engineering Professionalism  Michelle Richmond  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
Enterprise Systems Engineering & Systems of Systems Engineering  Peter Brook  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
Applying Systems Engineering to Service Provision  Dan Wilson  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
Getting It Over The Line - Delivering a Light Rail System into Service  Alan Knott and Adrian Cope  Presentation  18/11/2014  ZIP   
Fit for purpose – Transport Architecture Frameworks  M Brownsword, K Gharatya, G Fletcher  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
The System Engineering of Interfaces  Hazel Woodcock and Ian Presland  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
eXtreme Systems Engineering – Practical Experiences of Rapid and Agile Approaches to Systems Analysis and Decision Making  Ian Gallagher and Christian Halconruy, (Altran)  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
INCOSE UK Annual General Meeting  INCOSE UK  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
The Return of the Vulcan  Dr Robert Pleming  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
Keynote: Building For Tomorrow  David Long, President INCOSE  Presentation  18/11/2014  PDF   
The Next 20 Years – Systems Engineering in an Increasing Uncertain Environment  Dave Mawby  Presentation  19/11/2014  PDF   
A Model-Based Approach to Architectural Frameworks  Simon Perry  Presentation  19/11/2014  ZIP   
Model-Based Systems Engineering Interoperability in the Automotive Industry  Parham Vasaiely  Presentation  19/11/2014  PDF   
The Growing Need for Technical Measurements to Control Projects as Reflected in Literature and by Systems Engineering Practitioners  Thomas Walworth and Laura Shrieves  Presentation  19/11/2014  ZIP   
Synergistic Integration of Systems Engineering and Project Management  Paul Hollywell  Presentation  19/11/2014  PDF   
The Development of the Future Soldier System Architecture - Success and Failure  Paul Sibson  Presentation  19/11/2014  PDF   
Integrating the Human Element into Model-Based Systems Engineering  Paul Wotton  Presentation  19/11/2014  PDF