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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
12/11/2013 -

Full Days
UK Chapter

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heythrop Park Resort, Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX75UE (postal purposes only) or OX7 5UF (SatNav).
Annual Systems Engineering Conference 2013 (ASEC2013)
The programme has now been agreed and the brochure is available for download. You can now book your place at ASEC2013 using our online booking system.
Title Author Doc Type Doc Date File Type View
ASEC2013 Call for Presentations  Mr Andrew Farncombe  flyer  28/02/2013  PDF  Open 
ASEC2013 Call for Student Posters   Academic Director  Event  20/03/2013  PDF  Open 
ASEC2013 Flyer  INCOSE UK Events Team  Flyer  20/05/2013  PDF  Open 
Call for Student Posters – Student / Graduate Poster Competition  Academic Director   Flyer  28/05/2013  PDF  Open 
Annual Systems Engineering Conference (ASEC2013) Brochure  INCOSE UK Events Team  Event  19/08/2013  PDF  Open 
Technical Assurance in Complex System Design Management Arrangements  Doug Cowper  Presentation  12/11/2013  PDF   
Security Systems Engineering: Using Object-Based Decision Management as the Catalyst to Advance the Practice  Mr. Ryan F. Mc Cullough  Presentation  12/11/2013  PDF   
A proposed Agile systems engineering manifesto  Hazel Woodcock and Jon Chard  Presentation  12/11/2013  PDF   
Being Agile while Still Being Compliant: A Practical Approach  Jordi Manzano & Dr. Keith Collyer  Presentation  12/11/2013  PDF   
Quantification of the Value of Systems Engineering  Paul Davies  Presentation  12/11/2013  PDF   
Effective Systems Engineering at London Underground  Kuldeep Gharatya  Presentation  13/11/2013  PDF   
Managing Risk in System Developments  Dr Michael Emes  Presentation  13/11/2013  PDF   
Model Based Systems Engineering 'The State of the Nation'  James Towers   Presentation  13/11/2013  PDF   
Creation of MBSE models that advance the understanding of the system of interest  Rob Behan   Presentation  13/11/2013  PDF   
Systematic Requirements for Systems Engineers  Mark Novak  Presentation  13/11/2013  PDF   
SE for different industries: one size fits all ?   Malcolm Thomas  Presentation  13/11/2013  PDF