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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
15/11/2016 -

Full Days
UK Chapter

Scarman House, Warwick Conference Centre, Warwick University
Annual Systems Engineering Conference (ASEC) 2016, 15-16 November,
This year’s theme is ‘Building on Success’ to follow on from last year’s 21st anniversary. Now is the time to think about contributing to the event as an author or a reviewer, for more information look at the documents below or visit the conference website www.asec2016.org.uk
Title Author Doc Type Doc Date File Type View
Call for Presentations  Jon Holt - Techincal Director  Event  21/03/2016  PDF  Open 
Systems Research Academic Showcase - Call for Posters  Jon Holt - Techincal Director  Event  21/03/2016  PDF  Open 
Call for Tutorials  Jon Holt - Techincal Director  Event  21/03/2016  PDF  Open 
ASEC2016 Flyer  INCOSE UK Events Team  Flyer  12/05/2016  PDF  Open 
Sponsorship Opportunities  INCOSE UK Events Team  Event  16/05/2016  PDF  Open 
Annual Systems Engineering Conference (ASEC) 2016 Brochure  INCOSE UK Events Team  Event  06/09/2016  PDF  Open 
Applying Systems Methodologies for Community / Social Development  Mohammad Fahreem Mirza  Poster  02/11/2016  PDF  Open 
Decision Influence Model: Cultural Limitations On User Decisions  Guy Schmidt  Poster  02/11/2016  PDF  Open 
Application of directed property graphs / tuples to MBSE  Nic Plum  Poster  02/11/2016  PDF  Open 
Project Risk Management – Perceptions and Attitudes in Space Projects  Zakari Tsiga, Michael Emes, Alan Smith  Poster  02/11/2016  PDF  Open 
Exploring Problem & Solution Spaces Through Storytelling  Tim James  Poster  02/11/2016  PDF  Open 
Design with ISO 16355 for QFD  Dr Kim E Stansfield,Glenn H Mazur  Poster  02/11/2016  PDF  Open 
Keynote Day 1  Rys Davies  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Keynote Day 2  Dr Andy Stanford-Clarke  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Digital Railway - Technology or change?  Mike Brownseord,Diana Hogbin-Mills,Colin Brown,Jon Linsdell  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Scenario Selection Method for System Scenario Analysis  Tim Ferris,Stephen Barker,Rick Adcock  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Multilingual Systems Engineering  Stephen Powley,Simon Perry,Richard Powley  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Technical Debt: What is it, and how do we manage it?  Thomas Walworth,Alistair Blair,Laura Shrieves  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Model Based Systems Engineering in Automotive Industry  Andrew Howells,Manoj Lad,Ian Aitchison  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Making Claims - The Evidence Pattern  Simon Perry,James Towers  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Spotting Best Approaches to enable system Engineering in Enterprises  Richard Beasley  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
The Evolution of a Systems Engineer  Paul Davies  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
How not to do Requirements Management  Andrew Bearne  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Agile SCRUM in Systems Engineering  Paul Wheway  Presentation  21/11/2016  PDF   
Data Visualisation for Systems Engineers  John Welford  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Agile In Systems Engineering  Paul Wheway  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
MBSE In Automotive Indutry  Andrew Howells,Manoj Lad,Ian Aitchison  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
SPOTing Best Approaches to Enable SE in Enterprises  Richard Beasley  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Multilingual Systems Engineering  Stephen Powley  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Making Claims  Simon Perry,James Towers  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Digital Railway Technology or change  Mike Brownsword  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Embedded Requirement Management for Multi-disciplinary Civil Engineering Projects  Anne Bearne  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Scenario Selection Method  Tim Ferris  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Evolution of a Systems Engineer  Paul Davies  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF   
Technical Debt: What is it, and how do we manage it?  Thomas Walworth, Alistair Blair, Laura Shrieves  Paper  21/11/2016  PDF