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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
08/11/2010 -

3 Days
UK Chapter

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heythrop Park Resort, Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX75UE (postal purposes only) or OX7 5UF (SatNav).
Annual Systems Engineering Conference 2010 (ASEC2010) - “Systems Engineering: Adding Value in Challenging Times”
In 2010 INCOSE UK will introduce a new 3-day conference format offering a combination of the plenary presentations, tutorials, workshops and discussion sessions which have made up the previous Spring Conferences and Autumn Assemblies.
Title Author Doc Type Doc Date File Type View
ASEC2010 Call for Tutorials  Andrew Farncombe  Flyer  28/01/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010 Call for Presenters  Andrew Farncombe  Flyer  02/03/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010 Call for Presentations Extension  Andrew Farncombe  Flyer  08/04/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010 Flyer  Rick Adcock  Flyer  10/05/2010  PDF  Open 
Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities at ASEC2010  Emma Jane Taylor  Flyer  05/07/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010 Brochure  UK Chapter  Event  26/08/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010: Possible Approaches to the Complex Real World of 'Systems of Systems' Problems -the Case of Transport  Professor Brian Collins  Presentation  17/10/2010  PDF   
ASEC 2010 Joining Instructions  Secretariat  Event  02/11/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010: Systems Thinking Research  Dr Mike Yearworth, Adrian Terry, Professor Patrick Godfrey, Dr Gordon Edwards  Presentation  07/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010 – Notes on the CWG Session  Mr Pete Lister  Paper  15/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Implementing TRAK in Sparx Enterprise Architect  Mr Nic Plum  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Design principles for Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems  Mr Hillary Sillitto  Paper  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Human Factors -on the right TRAK?  Mr Nic Plum  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010:Human Factors -on the right TRAK?  Mr Nic Plum  Paper  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Engineering Solutions to Complex Problems – Can Open Architectures Help?  Merfyn Lloyd and Simon Masley  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: TRAK Case Study: London Underground SSR Upgrade  Mr Colin Wood  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Systems of Systems Safety Engineering: Challenges and Strategies  Professor John McDermid  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Systems challenges in the development of Gas Turbine engines  Mr Peter Price  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Bringing Savile Row to your Systems Engineering Wardrobe A New Approach to Automated Process Tailoring  Ian Presland and Andy Medwell  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Introducing a Value Improvement Model For Repetitive Processes  Mr Paul Gibbons  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Introducing a value improvement model for repetitive processes: a service industry case example  Mr Paul Gibbons  Paper  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Capability Working Group Perspectives Analysis Sub-Group  Michael Henshaw, Duncan Kemp, Alan Harding, Peter Lister  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010: SE Market Survey Findings  Mr Steve Dawes  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF  Open 
ASEC2010: Developing a New Understanding of Inflammation and Disease - “Seeing Truth beyond Dogma with Systems Thinking”  Mr Gary Robert Smith and Dr Sotiris Missailidis  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: The great escape – a case study of systems modelling for safety-critical systems  Dr Jon Holt  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Improving the Practice of Systems Engineering for In-Service Systems  Mr Bruce Elliott  Presentation  17/11/2010  PDF   
ASEC2010: Prestwick Air Traffic Control Centre - Delivering through the Systems Approach  Nick Flynn and Simon Clothier  Presentation  18/11/2010  PDF