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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
03/03/2010 -

All Day
UK Chapter

BAWA, 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol, BS347RG
Simple Systems Techniques That Work
Back in the days before we all had computers on our desks, and fancy modelling and analysis tools to use on them, we used to get an awful lot done with a pen and some bits of paper. Some of these simple techniques can produce surprisingly powerful results when applied correctly, and it is the aim of this interactive one-day event to give delegates the opportunity to try some of them out. Every delegate will receive expert tuition and a walk-through of each method, before trying them out on our sample problem... To book for this event, Please visit the event page.
Title Author Doc Type Doc Date File Type View
Simple Systems Techniques That Work  UK Chapter  Flyer  25/01/2010  PDF  Open 
Stakeholder Identification and Balancing Requirements  Ian Gibson & Emma Langman  Presentation  28/02/2010  PDF   
3 March 2010 N-Squared  Chris Lamb  Presentation  01/03/2010  PDF   
3 March 2010 - QFD An integrating Systems Engineering tool  Richard Beasley  Presentation  01/03/2010  PDF