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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
26/10/2009 -

2 full days
UK Chapter

Scarman Training and Conference Centre, Warwick Conferences, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL
Autumn Assembly 2009 (AA09)
Approaching New Horizons in a Systems WorldThe INCOSE UK 2009 Autumn Assembly will focus on the role of Systems Engineering in an increasingly “Systems World”, with sessions on: Demystifying some of the current initiatives which are addressing systems problems Introducing powerful techniques we can use to work together on systems problems Revisiting some of the fundamentals of Systems Engineering and looking at how they deal with the issues of the modern systems world The event has something for both Experienced Systems Professionals who want to understand better how Systems Engineering fits into an integrated approach, and those new to Systems Engineering who want to learn about new techniques, or understand some of the fundamentals and how to apply them.
Title Author Doc Type Doc Date File Type View
Scarman Delegate Information Sheet  Warwick Conferences  Event  30/04/2008  PDF  Open 
Autumn Assembly 2009 Flyer  Rick Adcock  Flyer  22/06/2009  PDF  Open 
INCOSE UK Autumn Assembly 2009  INCOSE UK Events Team  Event  01/07/2009  PDF  Open 
AA09: A design view of networked capability  Alex Duffy  Presentation  20/10/2009  PDF   
AA09: A Review of Model-Based Methods for Systems Engineering  Charles Dickerson   Presentation  27/10/2009  PDF   
AA09: Are our life-cycle approaches up to current and future needs?   Rick Adcock & Andrew Farncombe  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Reviewing System Concepts against the Challenges of a Systems World  John Davis, Theo Tryfonas  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Systems Engineering for the smaller organisation: a question of scale or a different approach?  Doug Cowper, Ian Gibson, Alan Smith  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Understanding Capability Concepts and Application   Peter Lister  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Some Thoughts on Capability  Michael Henshaw  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Progressive Assurance: Infrastructure & Construction Projects  Amer Saeed  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Progressive Dependability Assurance within Defence  John Pearce  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Developing Safety Cases for Complex Programmes  Peter Stanley, Zoë Alderman  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Complexity, Understanding and Safety Assurance  Roger Short  Presentation  03/11/2009  PDF   
AA09: Safety Assessment of Resilient Dependable Existing Systems - System of Systems Safety  German, Wilkinson and Symons  Presentation  24/11/2009  PDF