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Automotive Interest Group

What is 'Automotive'?

The INCOSE UK Automotive Interest Group initially considers the following categories of vehicles to be covered by the term 'automotive', as defined by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Consolidated Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles (R.E.3), Revision 6 (1)

  • L - Motor vehicles with less than four wheels and light four-wheelers
  • M - Vehicles having at least four wheels and used for the carriage of passengers
  • N - Power-driven vehicles having at least four wheels and used for the carriage of goods

The choice of categories reflects the expertise and interests of the founding companies and individual as of September 2019. All other UNECE categories will be considered by the group for inclusion at a future date as the membership of the group expands.

(1) https://tinyurl.com/UNECE-Veh

Mission Statement

  • To identify and raise the relevance of Systems Engineering for
  • The automotive industry
  • To provide a support group for sharing challenges and promoting
  • Good Systems Engineering practice in the automotive industry
  • To define how Systems Engineering can be used and tailored to solve automotive engineering challenges
  • To encourage connections with academia and industry to:
    • establish how automotive companies can attract and develop future Systems Engineering talent
    • benefit from research activities
  • To establish communication channels with other relevant groups to exchange knowledge and experience across sectors and disciplines


There have been a growing number of challenges facing the automotive industry in recent years. We now have the chance to work together to address these challenges with the application of Systems Engineering (SE) within the automotive domain. By gathering experts from multiple sectors, we can gain better insights into the problem domain and identify efficient solutions.

2020 Activities

  • Arrange interest group meetings
  • Establish connections with other groups or professional bodies and establish information exchange
  • Start to develop an automotive Systems Engineering guide, contributions are welcome
  • Promote the topics of linking automotive and Systems Engineering, engaging universities, involvement in STEM outreach
  • Promote group to register more members


A growing group with professions across diverse sectors – OEM, supplier, tool vender, consultancy, academic institutions, etc.