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Outreach Group

Our Programme

SEOP (Systems Engineering Outreach Programme) has been created by INCOSE UK to direct the engagement between the Systems Engineering profession via its members, with Industry, Academia and Government. The requirement is to raise the profile of the profession in the most effective way by enhancing the management of scarce volunteer resources.

Our Vision

Systems Engineering is acknowledged as the over-arching and cross-cutting technical discipline that binds together complex development of all sorts, alongside Project and Programme Management. It is recognised as a crucial element in tackling the increasing complexity of technical challenges, and a vital means of avoiding failure and controlling risk in development programmes of engineered product or process.

Systems Thinking allows engineers to make sense of complexity by looking at the more holistic system (the bigger picture) and enables them to ask better questions to aid understanding of the relationships within it, rather than the more traditional ‘decompositional’ approach.

Systems Engineering, once largely unknown outside the profession, is widely recognised as the key technical means to manage complexity, avoid or reduce risk of delays, over-spend and shortfalls in the outcomes from engineering projects.

Although its historic roots emanate from the complexity evident in large and complex engineering endeavours in defence and aerospace, the modern world now evolves faster, is more connected (with other systems and people), and is more adaptive, such that engineering solutions can generate complexity that demand Systems Engineering approaches.

Systems Engineers ensure wider business engagement with complex problems through bringing clarity and understanding of the key drivers and dependencies

As the need for System Engineers expands, especially in smaller organisations tackling such complexity, Outreach has become a cornerstone of professional activity within the discipline, to encourage more individuals and organisations, both large and small, to be included and recognised.


Material: Updates or generate new Outreach material

Contact: Coordinated, targeted engagement with Industry, Academia & Government to support SE influence

Training: Develop and roll out coherent training to support effective Outreach projects

Envoy: Generate a cohort of SE Envoys who can actively promote SE to the widest audiences

Funding: Identify, assess and manage funding applications to support Outreach efforts

Quick Wins: Identify, analyse & implement activities that disproportionately promote membership


Support Needed

Material: Project Manager, Reviewers, Authors

Contact: Project Manager, Coordinator, Authors, Contact Leads

Training: Coordinator, Authors, Trainers

Envoy: Coordinator, Envoys

Funding: Coordinator, Volunteers

Quick Wins: Project Manager, Coordinator, Volunteers