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Systems Engineering & Quality Management

This working group is no longer operational

SE-QM Mission Statement

INCOSE has defined a set of processes and competences. But is that enough to get Systems Engineering carried out effectively? The objective of this working group is to investigate the Quality Management “mind-set” that is needed behind the Systems Engineering processes, tools and competencies - so people understand WHY they are doing what they are doing, and hence WHY they are using appropriate tools and processes.

This working group will explore the links between Quality Management and Systems Engineering, looking at Quality Management being a cornerstone of professional development for Systems Engineers. This will enable individual Systems Engineers to achieve a greater level of personal professionalism and influence, and help fully embed Systems Engineering as a leadership discipline, and to fully integrate Systems approach into the whole of an organisation (by considering the organisation as a system). QM in this context is seen as a values based, facts-driven systems thinking approach; much more than audit, bug fixing, six sigma, and getting to a deliverable.

SE-QM General Information

There is an INCOSE International Working Group on this topic. The UK Working group will be aligned with the International Group, and have the active support of Dr Larry Kennedy. See http://qualitymanagmentinstitute/INCOSE for further information on the International Group.

This has been covered in an INCOSE webinar (Webinar 91: Engineering Leadership: the call for a second Quality revolution, 17 August 2016, presented by Dr Larry Kennedy, http://bit.ly/2qrWebinar).

SE-QM International Working Group Objectives

Our objectives include developing an SE- Leadership Standard, an SE- Leadership Certification and SE- Leadership Training for the INCOSE Membership. We will network with INCOSE Working Groups to create an awareness of the essential nature of Quality Management in today's workplace for the purpose of igniting a “Second Quality Revolution.”