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North West Local Group


The North West Local Group is focused on providing an opportunity to share ideas and promote good practice with like-minded colleagues and enable colleagues to network in a less formal environment. We welcome anyone from the North West who has an interest in System Engineering.

Mission statement

To provide a meeting place for Systems Engineers from different organisations within a reasonable travelling distance

To promote and improve the practice of Systems Engineering through:

  1. learning how other industries apply System Engineering
  2. introducing other complementary management systems
  3. To promote awareness of INCOSE UK and encourage membership


We aim to:

  1. Hold at least four meetings per annum
  2. Have at least three presentation from different industries per annum
  3. Have at least one presentation from a different professional body per annum (for example APM, IAM, etc.)
  4. Liaise with local universities to promote SE and INCOSE