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Human Centric Systems Engineering Working Group

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Purpose: The overarching aim of the HCSEWG is to improve the application of specialist engineering addressing human requirements, constraints and concerns.

While there is much established knowledge pertaining to this specialist domain especially within the aerospace and defence sectors, its application is inconsistent and rarely complete. This highlights a need to understand what prevents its proper utility, to raise awareness of the risks of inadequate application, and to improve the opportunities for and practice of Human Centric Systems Engineering (HCSE).

There are also many other sectors that practice both systems and human-related specialist engineering -e.g. Rail, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and undoubtedly many others that should. Understanding what is known in these sectors, what is practiced and how is key to broadening our HCSE knowledge-base. This is important strategically for Systems Engineering too as it seeks to broaden its sphere of application.

Strategy: The HCSE WG has set out an initial strategy comprising the following objectives:

  • Identify which organisations are likely to practice some aspect of HCSE
  • Review where possible the nature of these practices (e.g. what approaches, standards, guidance do they follow?)
  • Determine / Identify what constitutes best practice (develop criteria)
  • Consolidate best practice findings into core elements of HCSE and sector-specific or sector cluster 'flavours' of HCSE
  • Seek out opportunities to formalise HCSE and its best practice in relation to a 'universal' lifecycle approach and flavours of enterprise based 'Product / System / Service' development processes
  • Raise awareness of the HCSEWG and its HCSE developments (HCSE Z-Guide; workshops, WG website and other outputs and activities)
  • Develop cross-linkages with other INCOSE WGs and professional bodies