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Service Systems Engineering

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SSE-WG Mission Statement

The aims of the Service Systems Engineering Working Group are to:

  • Explore the ways in which the disciplines and best practices of systems engineering of products, can also be applied to the complete lifecycle (formulation, contracting, provision, use and maintenance) of services,
  • Develop and document these insights, from the perspectives of all the stakeholders of service products (from suppliers through acquirers to users).
  • Develop and share with others good practice (and appropriate standards) in the systems engineering of service products, and to contribute to the SEBOK where appropriate.

SSE-WG General Information

The Inaugural WG (SSE-WG-1) was held on Friday 31-May-2013 at Thales Research & Technology in Reading Berkshire.

Meetings are currently held bi-monthly at Rolls Royce in Filton, Bristol.

The Working Group has a membership of around sixty who can view outputs on the Web-Site and wiki and a core team of six who encourage and control the work of the group and produce outputs. Members are invited to meetings and can self-appoint to the core team.

SSE-WG Organisation

The WG is entirely composed of volunteers; it has a number of core members including a Chairman. These core members will act as a steering group to facilitate (i.e. carry water) for the working group as whole.

The Chairman will be appointed by the core members

Scope of SSE-WG Activities

This WG exists to do stuff (e.g., not just to discuss topics of mutual interest).Work so far includes:,

  • Review of standards for Systems Engineering and how they cover Services: (DoDAF, MoDAF, NAF, SysML ITIL, SEBoK, System Engineering Handbook, CMMI for Services
  • Development of a bibliography of Services literature
  • Development of a Glossary of Service Systems Engineering terms.
  • Understand the difference between Service Oriented Systems and Product Oriented Systems and the range of systems between them.
  • Capture, development and analysis of Case Studies
  • Analysis of the use of Service SE in a major military vehicle procurement
  • Understanding how Standard System Engineering Ontologies can be used and extended to cover Services and used with MBSE.


SSE-WG Deliverables

  • White Papers on website
  • Papers, Presentations, Posters and Workshops at conferences, ASEC and INCOSE International .
  • Presentations at INCOSE Local Group meetings
  • Input to standard System Engineering guides (SEBoK)

SSE-WG Activity Calendar

Core Team Meetings are advertised on the INCOSE Web-site Calendar. and Group Members are informed via Messengers/Email.

Papers for and from meeting are posted on the website. Minutes/Notes of meetings are posted on the Group Wiki.